Ozark Herbal Association
Ozark Herbal Association

About Us

We are a mother-daughter team who have been students of both Dr. S and Dr. John Christopher since about 1992. Our main goal is to produce the highest-quality herbal products you can buy (accomplished by using only organic or equivalent herbs, in very high proportion to the extracting alcohol, and allowing them to extract for at least 28 days,) and to educate anybody who has the desire to learn how to take care of their bodies.

We believe God is the only one who can heal. We also believe God gave us herbs to help in caring for our bodies on a physical level.

Tracey: In 1989 I graduated from college as a Registered Nurse. After working in the medical field for several years I slowly realized I wasn't making the kind of impact I wanted to. I wanted to help people with disease and sickness, but found that, all too often, this was not what was happening.

My sister-in-law, Rhonda, introduced me to alternative methods using herbs. With her encouragement, I continued to study the effects of herbs on sickness and disease, and found herbs to be very effective on our own sicknesses at home.

I have used herbs for many years, but recently realized that a lot of the products offered out there were inferior in that they are not organic (some heavily sprayed before they even come into this country) and also are not allowed to extract for the minimum of 2 weeks as taught by Dr. S and other herbalists to make an effective product. This reason alone is why a lot of people feel herbs do not work. They buy a weak product and it doesn't work for them. I wanted to know, without a doubt, that the herbal products my family used were extremely strong, and above all, not contaminated with man-made chemicals.

I started making my own extracts with the help of my daughter Ashley, following all of Dr. John Christopher and Dr. S's foundational recipes. He has freely given his recipes and methods out to the public for many years. After a while people started asking if they could buy the herbal tinctures we were making, because they knew they were strong, and they could see how they worked for us.

In order to protect us and those who wanted to purchase our products, we formed Ozark Herbal Association, whereby we can sell the products we make only to those who join. Under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, any individual, or group of individuals, have the absolute right to peaceably assemble. That is what we are doing here (see the "Why an Association?" page).